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To save on your energy bill and have clean energy.


The hydroelectric systems created by Tonello Hydro allow producing a great quantity of clean energy with the utmost attention to reliability and energy efficiency.

The company’s business hinges on the refurbishment of decommissioned power plants or the conversion of potential hydroelectric plants with the aim of maximizing energy performance even in old-generation plants.

The systems Tonello Hydro can realize can be of various types: aqueduct, run-of-river, pondage and microsystems. The Tonello Hydro work team doesn’t stop at the mechanical design of turbines and alternator systems but goes on to build in its workshops all the products and machinery necessary to realize the hydroelectric installation.

Tonello Hydro specialization covers also the electronic adjustment and sizing of generator groups.


Skill in electromechanical design, very high level professionalism and careful feasibility studies are the fundamental prerequisites to install highly productive and competitive hydroelectric systems with 20 MW maximum power.

The R&D team follows the component design and sizing stages to create tailor-made devices and systems. The Design Department gathers all the necessary information to define the sizing that best suits the customer’s requirements. Construction and installation are carried out in-house or together with specialized partners. Production ends with the commissioning of the structure that allows Tonello Hydro to check its degree of efficiency when it’s sold. After handing it over to the customer Tonello Hydro goes on monitoring the turbines to ensure their constant and safe output.