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Tonello Energie was founded in 2008 by the union of skilled professionals who have developed considerable expertise in the field of photovoltaic and hydroelectric power plants. In a few years Tonello Energie has become the reference EPC contractor in the field of renewable energy, through knowledge, experience, professionalism, reliability.


BT Energy was founded in 2010 in Collepasso in Lecce (Italy), with the aim of developing an entrepreneurial venture in the center-south of Italy, specializing in the renewable energy sector, with particular attention to the production of electricity from solar photovoltaics. BT Energy manufactures equipment for small and medium size plants according to the customer’s requirements, with the aim of obtaining the maximum yield because of a skill that the BT Team inherited from the experience of Tonello Energie Group.


Tonello Hydro Srl is the newco created in 2013 by Tonello Energie. A team of experienced professionals in mechanical design and construction of turbines, electronic control, automation in civil engineering and sizing generators.